Who We Are

Arcadia Entertainment Group is one of the largest FULLY INDEPENDENT producers of Travel, Nature and Cultural content. The series comprise of full length, half length and short documentaries. They appeal to a global audience and are acceptable to differing cultural tastes, making them particularly suitable for global In-Travel entertainment.



Useful Information

Content Location

in the following countries: (Full detailed lists available)
Antarctica Arctica Argentina Australia Austria Azores Bahamas Belgium Bhutan Borneo Botswana Brazil Brunei Bulgaria Cabo Verde Cambodia Canada Canary Islands Chile China Congo Costa Rica Cuba Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Egypt England Ethiopia Finland France Germany Ghana Greece Haiti Holland Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Jamaica Jordan Kenya Laos Libya Macedonia Madeira Malawi Malaysia Malta Mexico Monaco Mongolia Morocco Myanmar Namibia Nepal New Guinea Norway Oceans Oman Panama Paraguay Peru Portugal Romania Russia Scotland Sikkim & Bhutan Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Africa South Korea Spain Sri Lanka Sudan Sweden Syria Taiwan Tanzania Thailand The Caribbean Tunisia Turkey U.A.E. U.S.A. Ukraine Venezuela Vietnam Yemen Zimbabwe

Content Style

Commentator free / Cuturally neutral / Emphasis on informing over entertaining. Content is easy to re-synchronise and narrate using timed and marked texts etc. which are available for all applicable episodes.


All Films are in English & German (except narration free series). Many episodes have been translated and narrated into : Arabic*, Bulgarian, Czech, French*, Greek*, Hebrew*, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Turkish, Russian*
Subtitles:Chinese (Mandarin)
(*=Trial episodes)

Content Delivery

All of our content has been prepared for delivery in: ProRes 422 HQ or H.264 HD (PAL 1080i50) for material produced in HD DVCPRO (PAL 720x576); H.264 (720x576); Upscaled Full HD ProRes 422 for SD Other options may be possible on request.

In most cases, chosen content can be sent within a day or two from one of our FTP sites. Alternatively we can upload material to your transport provider (Aspera / Smartjog etc.), directly to your own FTP site or deliver via physical medium (USB drives).

Content Preview service

available via www.arcadiafilms.eu - No Screeners needed
We have a dedicated website for selected clients and partners only. Here you can browse, search and view most of the content. This is really useful if you are searching for content on specific locations or particular words in titles.

Simple and Cost Efficient Terms of Business

Because we are independentand own 100% of all content rights, we can negotiate very favourable rates with or IFE delivery partners.